The UPEI conference “Transport in Transition” successfully took place on 19 April 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It brought together Heather Hamje of Concawe who presented the updated JEC Well to Wheel analysis and Dr Paul Greening of ACEA who outlined the Automotive Sector’s 2050 Scenario. In addition, Peter Buyckx of Blue Corner, Belgium and Miha Valentinčič of Petrol dd, Slovenia portrayed from the fuel suppliers’ perspective the opportunities of breaking into e-mobility as well as the vision of the retail station of 2050. The conference was opened by State Secretary Potisek who outlined the Government of Slovenia’s plans for decarbonisation of transport. He stressed that the transition should be “bearable for the economy and bearable for citizens” -  a key message which was present throughout the presentations as well as the panel discussion that followed.