Vehicle manufacturers and fuel coalition call for consistency in defining alternative fuels that will drive the energy transition

BRUSSELS, 14 January 2020 – The EU’s long-term energy transition goals depend not just on developing new technologies but also on alternative-fuel solutions that already reduce harmful emissions. As the EU reframes important environment and energy legislation under the European Green Deal, it should not abandon clean, proven and cost-effective solutions such as sustainable renewable fuels and LPG.

That’s the message from a broad coalition of vehicle manufacturers and alternative-fuel producers and suppliers who, in a new joint declaration, call on the European Commission to take a technology-neutral approach in its upcoming review of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive. The coalition includes ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association), Liquid Gas Europe, ePURE (the European renewable ethanol association), EBB (the European Biodiesel Board) and UPEI.

Read the full press release pdfhere.